The internet allows you to market your products or your website on a massive, global scale. But how can you best take advantage of the worldwide audience that the internet provides? Here are a few tips that will help to guide you, as you try to make the most out of internet marketing.

The first rule, never stop looking at opportunities to connect. You must take advantage of every tool at your disposal to be successful in Internet marketing. Trends are always shifting, people are always moving and to stay a part of that conversation, you must be prepared to go where your customers are. Whether that’s social, mobile or whatever is next, staying flexible is job #1.  Be convenient to shop with, in the place your customers want you to be and they’ll reward you.

Is your website very easy to navigate for your potential customers? Most visitors will only be on your site for a short period of time, so make sure to grab this person’s attention and get your message across immediately. Lead with what you NEED them to know, support and augment with the rest of your site in order to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Can you automate some of your customer service? In many cases, a good FAQ can head off a visitor’s questions or problems long before they reach for a contact button or become too frustrated and leave. The clearer the explanations are to your client, the better chance they will purchase goods or services from you.

Monitor your site. There are many free softwares, like Google Analytics that can tell you about where and how your visitors interact with your site. Where they go, what they click for more information on, where they came from, etc.  Track your personal sales, website hits, new customers, and the history of your payments with these online tools. Doing so will help you formulate a plan on where to spend your time and energy on your website to improve or augment it.

Don’t forget the free directories. While they may not be of huge help in this post Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird era, they do still have their own traffic and getting your chance to be in front of that traffic can be a big win, especially when it’s FREE!  You can use free local business directories such as Yellow Pages, Yahoo Local, Google Local Business Center, and more to get your business listed and gain more visitors and business.

Using an email list? Make sure you look up the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and familiarize yourself with it. If you follow all of the guidelines established in the act, you’re likely to keep your customers (and their ISPs) happy. The act includes things like honoring unsubscribe requests within ten day. If you follow the guidelines your readers will gain trust in your ability to play fair and honestly.

Get out and be social. Whether that’s in any of the social media channels or using your own blog, let conversation happen..even encourage it! Why? If you’re not talking about your business, no one else will be either! So get out there and mix it up!

Remember as an internet marketer that your business objectives are never fully met. The long-term goal of your business, longevity, is never-ending. Everything else that you do or accomplish is all so your business remains active, effective, and efficiently runs itself. Like any business, you’re not done until it’s no longer yours!

The internet is a great marketing tool, but it will only be useful to you if you use it right. I hope you found some great tips here to power up your marketing efforts. As always, I invite you to join me in my social media profiles and continue this conversation or start a new one!

Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas

I'm Mark Thomas, Internet Entrepreneur, Aussie, coffee lover and dad! Join me for talk on home based business and doing business online!

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