Autoresponders are web-based software services that handle most of the administrative tasks that come with email marketing. They simplify the process of managing your email promotions.

If you have a list of hundreds of email contacts, it would be practically impossible for you to manage your email communications with all of them manually. Even if you could, it would certainly take up most of your time. And to be a successful Internet marketer, there are a lot more important things for you to focus on than emails.

Fortunately, most modern autoresponder services are highly efficient at handling the day-to-day management of your emails for you, from start to finish. Probably their biggest selling point is that once you set them up the way you want, they can essentially run your email marketing business for you on auto-pilot.

For example, autoresponders can be linked to your squeeze pages so that when somebody landing on your page gives you their email address, it is automatically loaded into your email list on the autoresponder. You can then program your autoresponder to send out a sequence of emails to that person based whatever schedule you determine.

Programming Your Autoresponder

A successful autoresponder email sequence might look something like this:

1. Thank You Email – Sent immediately after the prospect’s email address is captured. Thanks them and sends them the link to the giveaway offered on the squeeze page.

2. Lead Offer Email – Sent a few minutes Email 1. Makes your irresistible initial offer.

3. Upsell Offer Email – Sent immediately after customer purchases Lead Offer. Invites them to buy second product or extended version of Lead Offer.

4. Downsell Offer Email – Sent immediately after customer declines Lead Offer. Invites them to buy downsell product, usually a modified version of the Lead Offer at a discounted price.

5. Later Emails – Customers are sent a series of emails according to a regular schedule – daily, twice per week, weekly – that alternates email with high-value content with emails that promote a series of increasingly more costly products.

This type of bare-bones email swipe series can be set up on an autoresponder in just a few minutes. In fact, many people offering affiliate products will give you email swipes that you can copy and paste into your autoresponder so you don’t even have to waste your time developing them on your own.

Hands-Free Marketing

Autoresponders also can be linked to your payment connection service, such as PayPal. That means that not only can you program your autoresponder to do your selling for you, but you also can program it to collect payment as well.

There are many other things you can do with your autoresponder service, including setting up different if/then action trees that guide your prospects through different series of emails depending on their actions. You can link them to different web pages—both your own and other peoples.

Autoresponders are also great at providing data on how your customers are responding to your offers, including metrics on which customers are most likely to open your emails versus those who delete them without reading them. This type of data is crucial in fine-tuning your email marketing platform to maximize its effectiveness.

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